cape cod fishing reports

Cape Cod Fishing Reports

Some nice fish
July 30, 2016

Got a couple nice stripers down the backside in deeper water using shad umbrella rigs, also monster blues, 3 feet long and close to 15 pounds. Afternoon was slower, a few schools of bluefish running around fast. Got some at the honey hole by the bath house, soma at Race Pt and a striper over by the cottages to close out the day.

So so
July 25, 2016

So so fishing the last three to four days. Got some short bass by the cottages, blues down the backside, but overall pretty slow in this neck of the woods.

July 20, 2016

Got into a lot of nice bass close to home yesterday, not big ones but keepers, perfect for the dinner table. Blues stayed away in the morning, surprising as water temps were 73 degrees.

Hint – call for charters EARLY. We are pretty much booked up one to two weeks in advance, but do have a few openings here and there in those two weeks. However, you will have no luck in looking for a charter for “tomorrow”, so just try to plan your trip!

July 17, 2016

Schools of porgies went way south, ocean side near radar ball. Some macs and herring close. Big blues over by the cottages, bass sporadic close to home, but are some big ones way south on the ocean side out in deeper water.

Overall, slow week
July 15, 2016

A lot of easterly and northerly winds slowed the fishing down, both blues and bass went into hiding. Last two days heavy southwest winds, high temps, water temps back to normal. Going out this morning, hopefully fish are back. Might head south to the shoals, who knows? Ton of bunker around for snagging bait.

July 12, 2016

Must admit, slow day on the big ocean yesterday. Tons of mackerel and bunker schools but very few fish. No pics on Facebook of the commercial guys showing any type of fish, much less ten to fifteen, so I don’t think they did well either up around here – I know we had a bad day! Heard of some fish in the bay, have an afternoon charter so might head there, unless I hear differently from the guys out this morning.

Big fish, plus blues
July 10, 2016

Topwater action, stripers within 30 feet from shore, moving south along the Race Pt beaches, and big blues out in deeper water but on the surface. Large schools of bunker around, with the fish really attacking them.

Nice fish
July 5, 2016

Couple of nice trips today. Little wet in the morning, but we got some nice fish on live macs as well as casting Diana sp minnows. Fish were on the surface too.. This afternoon it was the live macs,mand some vertical. Best part is we were close to home for all the fish!

Happy fourth!
July 4, 2016

Some schools of big fish roaming around, both close and far, just have to find them. Race pointers got into some nice fish over the weekend. Cee Jay ain’t doing so bad either, good price and he’s getting some big ones.

Boat Update
July 1, 2016

The boat is in Orleans. Nauset Marine pulled the engine and tranny in 6 hours on Tuesday. Wednesday Leo and I drove it to RCS Diesel in Ludlow MA, seem like great guys who know their stuff. Saying three weeks, hoping they under promise and over deliver, like two weeks. Tranny is in Braintree at Gorham Diesel repair, hoping they can do the same. In the meantime we are doing charters on the 35 ft EmmaLynn, on MacMillan Pier. Captain Bob is helping us out big time! He drives, I do the mates job with our customers, and it’s working out great.

Close to home fishing is sporadic, do an hour boat ride and you will get some very big fish!

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