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Fishing Reports

Sunday Morning
July 27, 2014

Good news – bluefish from Race Pt. beaches this morning according to a customer who came into the shop a few hours ago. Yesterday boat action on the slow side – some big bluefish down by the path in Wellfleet and small bass by the cottages in Truro.

Saturday Morning
July 26, 2014

Strange days – hot then cold then hot again. One day great in the morning, slow in the afternoon, next day slow in the morning then hot in the afternoon. Fish are really moving around, sometimes in big schools other times in real small schools – a very inconsistent July, but the fish are still here, it is just getting harder as to when to predict when and where they will show up next.

Wed. Morning
July 23, 2014

Heard some good reports from yesterday afternoon. The southwest winds brought in some warmer water so the fish came back, primarily in the Race Pt. area and the backside ocean beaches. With strong southwest winds predicted for today, I would think fishing will be strong today and tomorrow.

Tuesday Morning
July 22, 2014

laid up at home with a knee injury so these are second hand reports. Word was that Monday was slower than slow out there, a few charter boats getting one, maybe two fish, and the commercial fisherman chasing around trying to find those big pods. Don’t know if the fish went down toward the path, or Billingsgate Shoals, as their was word of a bite down that way.

Monday afternoon
July 21, 2014

Another great day yesterday on the water. Very nice trip in the morning where we tried the live herring thing again, not successful but we did get some nice bass the old tried and true way with the umbrella rigs – this time further down the backside in 60 feet of water. In the afternoon I went out with four young ladies on their brand spanking new 24 foot boat to give a few lessons on fishing as well as boating. Overcast day, and the fish were around but not very hungry, until the last hour when they surfaced right in front of our boat – one cast with a Daddy Mac and a 34 incher – lesson complete.

Sunday Morning
July 20, 2014

Good fishing again yesterday – fish were less concentrated – not all in one spot, like the rips at Race Pt. – but spread out over a few different areas. Key for us was jigging up some live herring and using that for the stripers – they loved it.

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