cape cod fishing reports

Cape Cod Fishing Reports

Some fish around
September 10, 2017

Heard their were some bass down toward Wellfleet. Soaked macs for four hours through the tide for tuna, had a few real good marks, thought for sure we would get hit, no love. Got some 15 pound blues down by the Pamet, and three short bass. Good news is bass and blues are in the area

Still slow
September 5, 2017

Lack of posts equals lack of fish, stripers and blues have disappeared from around here. Heard some fish might be at Billingsgate, will check. Tuna name of the game, a lot of big fish close to the docks, multiple hookups.

Getting slow
August 21, 2017

Real hard to find stripers or blues close to home, or anywhere. Got a striper this morning, lost a few blues, but the afternoon was dry. Found a big school by cottages, then lost them. Tuna hot but still far away, shipping lanes.

Lot of life
August 12, 2017

Crazy bait, mackerel everywhere in great numbers. Stripers still hanging around bathhouse, race Pt, peaked hill. Got some big blues yesterday at peaked hill. Big tuna being taken up this way, just not sure exactly where, probably down past golf ball, shipping lanes, etc

Still Stripers
August 4, 2017

Not the crazy large schools, but enough scattered pods so that you can get your limit on most days. Went down to Wellfleet yesterday for a change and got some bass, long trip but a change of scenery. Bluefin tuna going crazy, big fish, 350 pounds plus, bite off Chatham crazy but Stellwagen good too. Bluefish scarce but a few around.

July 28, 2017

It’s been a strange year. The bass are still around, in good numbers and size. Lost a big one at the boat this afternoon, knot pulled right at the end, oh well. Did catch a nice 20 pounder this morning though. Strange, end of July and the bluefish have not invaded us, have been some around, big ones, but not great numbers.

Still here
July 20, 2017

The striped bass still hanging around in good numbers. Beach fishing entered summer mode, quit complaining and buy a kayak, great white sharks aren’t that bad! Seriously though, good number of keeper stripers every day, and big bluefish, up to 36 inches. Have not seen classic bluefish blitz yet though. Bluefin tuna starting to make their appearance, some commercial size keepers, over 73 inches, have been taken.

Bass won’t leave
July 16, 2017

Mid July and stripers are still around. On the surface as well as in deep water. Mostly 28-32 inch variety but are some big fish, up to 30 pounds, mixed in. Bluefish are around, big, 30-35 inches.

Big Bass
July 10, 2017

Really big topwater and vertical blitz last Friday morning off of Wood End in 100 feet of water. Last few days pick of keeper stripers in this area but you had to really work for them.

Still Bass Around
July 6, 2017

Even with 300 plus commercial boats scattering the fish, there are still plenty of bass around. Three trips today, marked and caught some nice bass on live and chunk mackerel as well as vertical jigging. Caught a monster bluefish the other day.

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