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Wednesday Morning
October 1, 2014

Ok, a good post, but was warned about the exact location. So……. bayside, shallow water, close to shore, estuaries, bays, harbors, around the high tide mark – numerous keepers on top water plugs – tsunami poppers, atoms, etc.

Monday morning
September 29, 2014

Bluefish all over the place at Race Pt. lighthouse yesterday, strange though, a lot of folks were having difficulty landing them. They could hook them, reel them part way in, and then the blues would get off the lure.

Sunday morning
September 28, 2014

Well, a bass WAS caught yesterday – the only one I heard – Race Pt. using the kayak drop technique. Word is the bass down in Chatham are working up the backside towards us, then around the tip and over to the canal for the migration – let’s hope so.

Friday Afternoon 4 pm
September 26, 2014

Big bluefish blitz on Race Pt. beach this afternoon. Started on the south side, as far down as you could go, and the fish blitzed the beach and then headed north toward the lighthouse. People leapfrogging each other – catch a few fish, jump in their vehicle to get ahead of the fish, jump out and get a few more.

Friday Afternoon
September 26, 2014

Some consistency – bluefish on incoming tide at the rock jetty at the end of Rt 6 by the Provincetown Inn. Some folks from New Jersey got a striper off of the beach today, so there are “some”, just not a lot.

Thursday Afternoon
September 25, 2014

Bluefish is the word of the day, but only from the boats. Beach fishing really, really slow – don’t think the fish have moved down to us yet.

Tuesday morning
September 23, 2014

Catatonic- 12 pound blue in the harbor today on lunch break. Also, blues down by the Pamet River from the boats. Bass have not appeared yet, went for tuna today – Peaked Hill and the Bank – no birds, no whales, no tuna – oh well.

Sunday morning
September 21, 2014

500 blue fin tuna brought into Provincetown yesterday afternoon – Mike Packard on the “Bad Dog”. Bluefish down by Pamet River, smaller striped bass at Coast Guard beach in Truro.

Saturday afternoon
September 20, 2014

Mainly bluefish from the boat, but, did weigh in a 20 pound striper caught from the beach on sandworms, bay side not ocean.

Friday morning
September 19, 2014

Look at options – winter flounder inn Provincetown Harbor with sandworms and tautog/blackfish at the breakwater near the piers in Ptown Harbor – while we wait for the stripers to come swimming by. Bluefish are still around, but not in great quantity – live lining mackerel is the best bet for both stripers and bluefish.

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